come and JOIN. SPEAK :)

Date: Wednesday, September 22, 2010

HEY GUYS ! I invited you to join SPEAK (Sport, Education and Art in Ketapang)

1. Ketapang cup:

Meliputi :1. Basket
2. Futsal
3. Rubik
4. Bulu Tangkis
Waktu : 7-15 oktober 2010
Peserta : SMP n SMA sejakarta

2. Education Fair
Waktu :15-16 oktober 2010
*Melibatkan lebih dari 20 universitas dalam dan luar negeri*

3. Ketapang Fair
Waktu :16 oktober 2010

Ketapang fair adalah pentas seni yang diadakan setiap tahun. Selain itu juga terdapat beberapa lomba, yaitu:
• Mewarnai
• Melukis
• Musikalisasi puisi,
• Fashion show
• Band
• Dance

4. Waktu n tempat
Tanggal : 7-16 oktober 2010
Tempat : Sekolah Kristen Ketapang I
Alamat : Jalan K.H. Zainal Arifin Nomor 35-37, Jakarta Pusat

5. Registrasi
• Till october 1st 2010
• CP : Laurensia Yulianti : 0815-185 1815
Justlynn Ray : 08999 853 928

So, don't miss it..

また後で ♥

KIM JI HO, great blind singer :)

Date: Tuesday, August 10, 2010

hi bloggiee :)

i will share you something that i've found in youtube.
if you often watch starking i think you may know this video.

i woke up this morning and turn on my computer.
i'm searching about Nichkhun on starking and i found this..

OMO ~!
I cried alot because of their voices :')
*he makes my khun oppa cried alot too*
and i suddenly fall in love with KIM JI HO's voice.
ADDICTED, maybe :D

i search more about him on internet *KIM JI HO*
and i found this..

SBS StarKing crown Kim Ji Ho (17) will release an album.

He had come together with 4 other members, who are visually impaired like himself, to form the band Blue Ocean in 2008.

And in May, they had appeared on SBS StarKing where 2PM member Nich Khun was also present for that episode. Kim Ji Ho who is the main vocalist, had appeared to perform with jazz pianist Yang HanKyu, guitarist Lee JoonHee, bass Km MiSun and drummer Um JinYoung.

Kim Ji Ho had also went to win 3 consecutive crown on Star King, he also get to perform with artistes like In Sooni. He was given the nickname of ‘The heaven voice which can ring a soul’. Kim JiHo has undergone 16 surgeries for his apriority glaucoma but has talked about the pain for not being able to regain his visuals.

He had recently released an official album as part of Blue Ocean with the title song ‘Only’, the album also showcased the different genres of music like ballad, R&B, Rock and Jazz which Kim JiHo is known to be vocally good for.

Blue Ocean, “We know that it is hard for us to promote on stage as a band made up of visually impaired children, but we will work to give other children like ourselves the Eutopia as the first to release an album.”

Their album is released online on 7th July.

do you know the boy who holding the microphone ?
yeay* He is KIM JI HO.
He had his own album now.
his first album is Blue Ocean.

here is one of his song..

and here is the link to download his song..

01 – 다만

02 - In Your Eyes

Blue Ocean Full Album

he has a beautiful voice right ?
Blind Eye Don’t Blind Mind :)

he has won 3 crowns in starking and now he has his own album.

Ji Ho oppa,
keep HWAITING with your album :]
i wish one day you'll be a great STAR.
i'm one of your big fan, always pray for you and support you :]
don't give up because of your blindness
because you have a great voice, and a kind warm heart.

hope you all like it too :]

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また後で ♥

my studytour. TAIWANLICIOUS ! (Y)

Date: Saturday, July 31, 2010

heyy bloggie ! XD

how are you ?
it's my 3rd years in highschool now.
the bussiest time, the shortest time because this is the last year for

me in highschool.
(kinda sad of that ='[ )

anyway, where do you go during your school or summer holiday ?

i joined a study tour during my school holiday.
a study tour to Taiwan :]
i went to taiwan from June 12nd until June 27th.
It's really fun XD

it was summer when i was in Taiwan (as i know, it's still summer till i write this).
But thats not as hot as my country i think XD
the sun was very bright shining but its just warm :)
on my first week in Taiwan, its always rain everyday.
Not stormy, but the WIND blew so hard ! *sounds like pheeeeww...phewwww...*

and on my first week, i had a problem with te language !
oh really its not easy for you to not talking with your languange or english.
They speak chinese alot and i tried hard to study well there.
Well, i think my Chinese words is increase now :))

that's my story, how about yours ? :)

first day ! zhong xheng ji nian tang :)

inside the building taipei 101

'kao rou' stands

there's a rabbit in my noodle


making the ceramics ^^

xi men ding


street artist

i baked this :p

after shopping in taipei ~

zhong guo jie

dang dang ! beloved high school ~
zhong yuan da xue

beloved class '912' class with teacher and classmate

first test :]

birthday with friends and teachers

with our 'wenhua' teacher

the drink i miss the most, PEACH !

the place i love the most. jiu xhu wen hua chun ^^

また後で ♥

journey to my husband's country, KOREA. lol XD

Date: Friday, February 12, 2010

heyy bloggie !
it's been a long time not writing on my blog, and now i'll share something about visiting my husband's county (it must be husbands i think haha) KOREA x)

i went there on December 28th 2009, a lil bit late to write about this.
it was very cold at that time, about -8 degree celcius to -22 degree celcius. cold till frozen !
but i enjoyed everything there. the foods, beverages, the weather, snow, the coldness, and the place i've visited. i love KOREA for sure

Petite France, the shooting location of Beethoven Virus

at Nami Island, Winter Sonata's shooting location

atgrilled chicken in cold winter, yum ! :3

kimchi X)

snowy road :D

before skiing ~

daddy's birthday celebration

night at daegu :D

our new year's party

everland :)

liger = lion + tiger

with angela unnie

seoul from 64th floor

with BYJ and wonbin :DD

I wish I could visit Korea again next time.

また後で ♥